APB was planned as early as 2005, initially as a Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 title, and intended as the flagship title for the then-newly founded Realtime Worlds studio created by David Jones who also created Grand Theft Auto.

A PC closed beta ran from 19 October 2009 to 4 June 2010. This was followed by an open beta which ran from 12 June 2010 to 19 June 2010. Development costs were in excess of $100 million, making it one of the most expensive video games in history.

On 29 June 2010, APB was released in North America, 1 July in Mainland Europe and 2 July in the United Kingdom.

APB Reloaded is the world’s first and premier Action MMO Third Person Shooter game, allowing you to choose between two sides of the law. Play as an Enforcer or a Criminal, customize your gear for the task at hand and hit the streets and play how you want in a city filled with more action this side of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Since 2019, all copyright of APB belongs to Unit Game, which has a series of APB game development plans.

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